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Working with your firm sure made my job easier during our building program. Your attention to detail and level of service is to be commended. In my book, you are tops.

Dr. Joe Wardell, Former Superintendent, Anna ISD

Sue Ratton Elementary School

Anna ISD

Sue Evelyn Rattan was a beloved and dedicated school teacher for Anna ISD for over 38 years. "Miss Sue" was born on July 20, 1907. She celebrated her 100th birthday just 1 month prior to the opening of Sue Evelyn Rattan Elementary. She passed away the same year on December 14, 2007.

Early Planning Stages
This building is the second school built from a prototype within the district. The school’s mission is: To provide a caring and creative learning environment that promotes excellence, fosters integrity and encourages each student to reach his or her potential through the partnership of school, community and family.

For this reason, classrooms surround a central core of public spaces.  This allows students and teachers easy access to one another and space for cooperative learning experiences.  All spaces are wired to provide secure access to the district’s network.  Teacher’s desks and projectors are also tied to the network for seamless access to curriculum and materials.  Each classroom includes its own computer stations, ensuring all students have access to technology. 

The building is designed to occupy less “footprint” space, which gives the school district flexibility and adaptability for the future. The finished ceiling was removed as a design element, creating a unique, open space with lower maintenance and labor costs.

The school’s compact design improves overall energy efficiency, allowing for more investment in instruction. Light fixtures in the building utilize motion-detection systems for energy conservation. Natural daylighting throughout the common areas reduces dependence on artificial light and lowers utility costs. Materials from local suppliers helped minimize the environmental impact of this project at lower costs for the district.

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