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Dixie definitely made it happen for Commerce ISD and she took most of the pressure off of this Interim Superintendent.

Buddy Echols, Former Interim Superintendent, Commerce ISD

Commerce Elementary School

Commerce ISD

In Commerce, the community’s story is still being written in detail.  Because all important municipal buildings were built using traditional “red brick” style, architects knew that this school needed to blend in with this established aesthetic, signifying the importance of the school within the community. The result:  a timeless and traditional design with a modern interior and infrastructure.

The multi-purpose nature of the facility creates a flexible space that can be used by the district and community. The public areas such as the gym and dining facilities can be easily cordoned off by corridor barriers for afterhours use by the community. A multi-use stage situated between the dining area and gym can be accessed from both sides to accommodate a variety of events.

Each corridor houses a different grade level and material accent colors are coordinated to represent each grade for orientation purposes. All shared learning spaces such as art, science, computer labs and media center are located in the central hub of the building for easy access by all students.

Each classroom features cutting edge smart board technology to engage the students and stimulate learning.  The boards essentially turn a whiteboard into a computer integrated touch screen to facilitate hands-on learning.  The boards also allow easier and more powerful multimedia integration by incorporating videos, learning software, and online content into one easily accessible teaching tool.  Teachers can easily share their interactive lesson plans and develop a standard curriculum.

The entire building is covered by a wireless network that provides connectivity to all classrooms. 

Callie Hearne, daughter of the late A.C. Williams, explained, “Our father was a true difference-maker in the lives of our family, as well as others. He had high expectations for himself, and as a result he had those same levels of expectations for his family, faculty and staff.”

This school successfully combines the rich heritage of a community and beloved community member with the tools needed to deliver 21st century learning.

Size: 78,352
Capacity: 500
Grades Served: K-5

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