Designing Schools...With Kids in Mind!

I can’t thank you enough for listening to our needs and putting them into place as you designed our school. The opening of our new High School has been easier than I ever thought it could be. Thank you for all you have done for the teachers and students of Decatur High School. I cherish your friendship!”

Melinda Reeves, Principal, Decatur High School

Young Elementary School

Decatur ISD

An organized committee of administrators, board members and teachers met to discuss how to adapt a prototype elementary school to meet the current needs of the district.

As a result, Young Elementary School features bright colors and ample space to promote growth and learning.

Extensive canopy structures at the main entrance and bus drive to give all students protection for sun and rain where a large number of vehicles can be accessed at the same time to reduce traffic congestion, increase traffic efficiency, and maintain student safety.

Tall energy efficient windows bring light into the space.  Sound panels hung from the ceiling control noise and add texture to commons areas.  The compact design improves overall energy efficiency while the use of natural daylighting reduces dependence on artificial light and lowers utility costs.  

Size: 81,379 SF
Capacity: 600
Grades Served: K-5

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