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Our long term partnership with Claycomb Associates has provided our students with exceptional facilities and our community with great sources of pride.

Dr. Darrell Myers, Superintendent, Livingston ISD

Livingston High School

Livingston ISD

The new high school replaced an outdated campus with 26 portables, seven floating teachers, and no Career and Technical Education (CTE) rooms. The campus also needed to fulfill 4x4 curriculum requirements, expand career-tech options, raise expectations, and provide hurricane relief space within a key budget.

Architects assisted in the study of several sites. The site chosen provided room for future phases, expanded parking, ball fields, tennis courts, and a stadium. Over 30 town hall meetings resulted in overwhelming community support.

The campus design represents the synthesis of learning, technology, and socialization. The student commons and “learning commons” are the heart of the school and are connected by floor-to-ceiling glass storefront windows. The “learning commons” can host up to three classes at once and also includes distance learning and computer labs.

Administrative spaces flank the commons area with academic and fine arts wings branching out to ensure student connectivity, intuitive navigation, and accessibility.

To enhance learning, academic rooms are grouped by discipline, bathed in natural light, and rich in technology. Learning tools, such as Clickers, e-readers, and Smart Boards, help vary the learning experience. Career tech, culinary arts, and science labs contain the same equipment as many college-level classrooms to give all students hands-on learning in a safe, controlled environment.

By expanding CTE space, the campus meets the needs of all students and better reflects the community’s values. CTE classes are designed with flexibility to accommodate program or curriculum changes.

Past experience with the district led to hurricane-resistant design. In addition to keeping students safe, the support, athletic, and core spaces are linked to a natural gas-powered generator. If needed, the school can transform to a command center for first responders.

An onsite well provides an economical water supply for site irrigation and the school’s agriculture, food, and natural resources program. To conserve water, the site was also designed with drought resistant plants.

The compact design minimizes the building footprint. Light colored roofing reduces the heat island effect and overall utility costs. Careful design attention was paid to select regional and recycled materials.

Because core spaces can be securely accessed for after hours use, the campus provides several public-meeting areas for community groups. By embedding these spaces with technology, students and community members have the most up-to-date learning tools, making this campus a true learning hub.

Livingston High School was recognized by the 2012 Exhibit of School Architecture committee for excellence in Process of Planning and Design.

Size: 300,000 SF
Capacity: 1500

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