Designing Schools...With Kids in Mind!

What a powerful message this new beautiful building sends to the students of this community! It says we care about education. Do your best.

Dr. Russell Marshall, Superintendent, Mabank ISD

Mabank High School

Mabank ISD

The architects led a team of school personnel who worked together to create a design that truly reflects the community. The school was built to fulfill the needs in a growing district. The resulting master plan can be implemented in phases at the district’s discretion.

Curved white panels throughout the main corridor catch and diffuse natural light from clerestory windows for cost savings and aesthetic beauty. A large student commons promotes social interaction and doubles as a teaching space with projection screen.

All areas of the building can be accessed from a central corridor, allowing students and faculty clear lines of sight and mobility. While outside, the traffic flows separately in the parking lot for teachers, students, and buses to maximize safety and efficiency.

Due to the diverse student population, the campus includes highly specialized extracurricular and technical study features. Support spaces, gym, dining, music, and media center function separately from rest of school for convenient after hours use.

Educational Character
Classrooms grouped by discipline allow team teaching & collaborative learning.  Decentralized computer labs ensure all students have direct access to technology. Science labs include state-of-the-art lab equipment and shared prep rooms. Media center is designed for all learning styles, allowing for individual study, group work, and personal reading simultaneously. Building designed to accommodate community and multipurpose use by easily securing small sections.

All spaces are set up for wireless access. The school is equipped with a state-of-the-art security system for the most secure learning environment possible. Open stairwells and main corridor design allow for direct lines of sight to maximize visual security.  Clerestory windows in common areas provide healthy natural light for optimum learning.  Support spaces, gym, dining, music, & media center function separately from rest of school for after hours use.

Commons areas are bathed in natural light, lowering utility costs.  School was designed to exceed strict energy code requirements. An energy management system monitors and controls energy use to maximize savings and ensure energy conservation. Dedicated outside air units reduce CO2 levels and improve indoor air quality for students and staff. Local suppliers were chosen to reduce the overall environmental impact of the project.

Size: 213,000 SF
Capacity: 1000

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