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Our schools meet our needs, and all our projects with Claycomb Associates, Architects have gone exceptionally well. Your work with the administration assured that the scope and budget were both delivered. This develops not only trust from our community but also pride in the schools we’ve built together.

Dr. Kirk London, Superintendent, Hays CISD

Mildred Elementary School

Mildred ISD

The district contacted the architects to design a new elementary school to serve the communities of Mildred, Eureka, and Navarro and replace rapidly-declining existing facilities.  

Mildred Elementary is well-known for strong academics, so emphasis was placed on designing a building that would encourage learning.  The school reflects this attitude through the use of age appropriate colors, textures, and shapes, right down to the brick pattern. 

After an initial planning meeting, one of the project goals was to create a school that brought the outside in. This was done with glazing to provide views to the outside and by continuing the exterior brickwork into the main corridor space. The result is a seamless connection from outside to in.

Mechanical and structural systems are left exposed and painted bright colors to highlight rather than hide them. The previously mentioned brickwork around and throughout the building is based on the Fibonacci sequence. This pattern is related to the Golden Ratio which has existed in mathematics and arts for centuries. This blend of analytical and artistic expression fosters an environment of learning through exploration and discovery.

Size: 63,350 SF
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