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Rogers Elementary School, Rogers ISD

Rogers Elementary School

Rogers ISD

Architects spent time meeting with teachers and administrators to learn about the school’s curriculum, the community, the intent of the campus, and the District’s history.  By listening to the teachers, we had practical and functional input on the final design. The result—a school design that fosters creativity and encourages Rogers’ students to soar.

The school site is on top of a hill, so a compact, 2-story design was chosen.  Bright gold brick accents on the inside and outside provide visual interest and encourage school spirit.  

One of the main design features is a central skylight located above the main staircase, which illuminates the common areas.  The glass storefront windows around the media center and skylight create an open, highly connected school.

The media center features a large instructional space and smaller pockets for individual study.  A local artist designed an eagle’s nest sculpture which doubles as a quiet reading area and greets students as they enter.

By creating a stage between the gymnasium and cafeteria, we provided the District with several options for group assembly, while maximizing square footage.

Although the site is compact, the school was designed to accommodate building expansion, if the District chooses to do so in the future.

Size: 58,737
Capacity: 500
Grades Served: 500

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