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The Royse City Board and I would like to thank you for the excellent job you and your staff continue to do for the District. You and your company have definitely become a valued partner with the District. Your attention to the details and knowing the desires of our community before drawing sets you apart.

Jimmy Butler, Chief Financial Officer, Royse City ISD

Royse City Fine Arts

Royse City ISD

The district added a 750 seat auditorium onto an existing high school.  The original school was built with the foreknowledge that this addition would take place, so the result is a seamless design.

Early Planning
When a district with only one high school enters into rapid growth, it has some very key decisions to make. This district decided that in an effort to keep the district unified, they would build one large high school in phases as the district grew. This auditorium addition is one of the final phases of that planning that started years ago. Because this addition was planned from the start, the result is a seamless integration into a single campus.  

The auditorium utilizes innovated techniques in a unique way. By taking a step back! The architects and sat down with the fine arts directors of the district to get back to the basics of theater architecture to design a facility that would allow the performers to be highlighted above anything else. The functional elements were in place with attention to sound, light, and textural quality, but in a way that would not take the focus away from the true purpose of the facility.

As a small but growing district, the community wanted a multipurpose space where the arts could be celebrated without overspending. The auditorium was built as an addition to the high school to share resources including city utilities and parking. Local vendors were also familiar with the district and the architects and were able to provide a more efficient bidding and construction process. Simple materials were used to create common items such as the ceiling clouds and stage.

The design of the facility goes back to the original design of the high school to which it is attached. The auditorium was included in the original plan as a later phase. The campus was designed with a unifying curved main corridor from which the rest of the campus was built. All additions, including future unplanned growth can be built upon this axis. The resulting auditorium addition flows perfectly with the existing high school. 

Educational Appropriateness
The district wanted to design a campus that would prepare students for the future. The auditorium is just one small part of this. It was designed as a multipurpose facility that could house a variety of fine arts uses as well as general assemblies for the school, district and community. The auditorium provides an opportunity for the students to showcase their hard work and dedication.

Rather than take products and try to find a sustainable equivalent, the district and architects opted to devise a simpler solution: eliminate the product altogether! The auditorium naturally requires a darker atmosphere, so windows were eliminated from all areas except for the lobby to reduce air conditioning costs in this hot southern region. Furthermore, lower lighting was used throughout to create a more fitting environment for performances and saving on energy costs.

Capacity: 750
Grades Served: Entire District
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