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The Royse City Board and I would like to thank you for the excellent job you and your staff continue to do for the District. You and your company have definitely become a valued partner with the District. Your attention to the details and knowing the desires of our community before drawing sets you apart.

Jimmy Butler, Chief Financial Officer, Royse City ISD

Royse City Stadium

Royse City ISD

The district contacted the architects to design a 6000 seat stadium to be constructed on the same site as the existing high school. The stadium was situated on the site adjacent to a field house designed two years before with a direct connection between the two.

The stadium complex contains the operational aspects of a collegiate stadium with the economy and size of a high school stadium. The press box includes a state of the art media room, sound booth, film deck, radio and TV rooms, as well as private viewing boxes. The stadium also helps to bring in money to the athletic and booster programs from the scoreboard sponsorship and concession and gift shops. The field itself is the same FieldTurf professional teams play on.

The stadium was built with an emphasis on efficiency so that the focus of the district was still on education. Concessions and restroom facilities were located underneath the stands to maximize site usage. The back of the stands were left open and exposed to allow natural air circulation to these spaces, and to save the cost of building materials to enclose them.

Process of Planning
Over five years ago, the school board talked intimately with the community about how the district would approach the unprecedented growth in the area. The community worked together to develop a master plan for the district with education as the focus, a new high school as the cornerstone, and a stadium and auditorium for extra-curricular support.  The architects assisted the district in maximizing the site usage and bond money over a long term period based on the community's vision.  

The key to the design is efficiency. It is an open-air design with exposed structure underneath.  A three story press box is accessible from the stands, and a field house is located at the south end of the field that was constructed prior to the stadium as a part of the master plan.  The design allows for future expansion with the option of adding structural bleacher bays.  The design includes seating for 3,890 on the home side and 2,276 for the visitor side.

Educational Appropriateness
Stadium was built to provide an opportunity for students to showcase their hard work and commitment. The stadium provides motivation to accomplish goals and gives them a sense of pride in the accomplishments. Entire district now has a place to house a variety of competitions for athletics and arts. The stadium has united the community once again in support of their students. It has created a common ground for people to get involved with others within the district.   

The structure was left exposed to eliminate wasteful materials. This also allows for natural ventilation and light into concession and ticket areas. FieldTurf was used on the field which is made from recycled tires. Because the field does not need to be watered, the field will save over 1.5 million gallons of water every year. The field will also help to reduce emissions by eliminating the need for weekly mowing.

Size: 25,000 SF
Capacity: 6,166

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