Designing Schools...With Kids in Mind!

Our schools meet our needs, and all our projects with Claycomb Associates, Architects have gone exceptionally well. Your work with the administration assured that the scope and budget were both delivered. This develops not only trust from our community but also pride in the schools we’ve built together.

Dr. Kirk London, Superintendent, Hays CISD

Start ahead...then keep going.

When given a completely blank sheet and uncensored imagination, the opportunity to innovate takes flight. When school districts engage Claycomb Associates, they always receive the benefits of our practical industry experience, but more importantly, they obtain our openness to innovation, conceptual thinking, and creative solutions.

“Architects should design schools for coherence taking into account elements such as organization, partnerships, technology, finance, and future expectations.”

- Dr. George H. Copa

Claycomb Associates always designs schools along Dr. Copa’s thoughts, thus our motto, “Designing Schools... With Kids in Mind!”. From innovative early childhood development schools to cutting-edge high school campuses, Claycomb’s portfolio spans the full spectrum of educational facilities.

We are honored to have witnessed first-hand the benefits which have come to communities who have invested in building educationally-appropriate facilities. The pride and enthusiasm which our schools evoke within the communities we have served is just one of the many great rewards we experience as school design specialists.

Claycomb Associates, Architects provides architectural and master planning services to school districts throughout Texas.
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